Still at It!

Riding my bicycle to work, that is. Well, my wife's bicycle, to be specific. Hers has better gears and mine has a flat tire which I haven't bothered to fix. Because her bike is better. And I'm lazy. And she's not riding these days anyway.

Texas summer has finally hit us. Temperatures into the hundreds these past few days. Strangely, my path is still hindered by the occasional jogger. I'd have thought the heat would have kept folks off the sidewalks, but they're still there, only now they're shirtless, sweaty, and occasionally rather hairy.

My "outfit" remains about the same. I give those who notice me something to stare at or reason to avert their eyes. I feel somewhat safer looking as I do, although the other day I almost had to slam my fist on the hood of a car just to get the driver to notice me at an intersection. I get annoyed when drivers don't look left and right before almost running me over, but this fellow didn't even look where I was. Straight ahead. Like right in front of his windshield, obstructing his vision of the road. Ah, Texas drivers. There's a reason I stay on the sidewalks most of the time.

I haven't taken any recent pictures, but the image below captures what I looked like a year ago. I appear pretty much the same now, minus the long hair and backpack. And now I ride a girl's bike with a kid seat attached. I'll have to get the wife unit to take some new photographs. Because, you know, there are not enough freaky pictures on the Internet.